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Round diamonds

our chosen domain of expertise

We convert rough diamonds into objects that personify perfection. Our diamonds are perfect in every aspect, in their cut and clarity.

Being market leaders in the white-diamond segment, we are known for our Belgium cut diamonds. Consistency and precision in the make and cut of our diamonds has helped us achieve the status of 99% accuracy. We are an established name in Indian and Global diamond markets.


Quality raw materials
result in quality finished products

In keeping with our Mines to Market philosophy, we ensure that our raw diamonds are procured only from DTC + BHP Sightholders. Procuring from certified suppliers helps us in maintaining the quality of our finished products and thus winning the trust of our customers.

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Latest technology
coupled with skilled hands

From procuring raw stones to grading, our products go through skilled hands with an eye for detail and through machines that are the best in our trade. We are market leaders through our ‘Maker & Checker’ policy that is a part of every single step in the process of diamond manufacturing.

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Years of trust


3.3 billion years in making, every diamond is special to us

We achieve 99% accuracy in the cut of our diamonds, their proportions, and the symmetry of each of their facets to ensure the sheer brilliance of each stone.

Best known for our round Belgium cut diamonds, we delivery consistency, precision and perfection in every batch, batch after batch.

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